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NETES MUHENDISLIK DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s test and measurement instruments, biomedical devices, soldering systems, thermal camera, pressure controllers, testers, calibrator, oscilloscope, aatech, adivic, amprobe, anritsu, b
CHONGQING GOLD M        Çin     Elsa Ye    
s tester, testers, testing instrument, testing instruments, oil tester, oil testing instrument, oil measuring instrument, waste oil filter
s testing equipments, measurement equipments, concrete testing equipments, soil testing equipments, testers, tester, asphalt testing equipments
ALARGE SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Zakir TORUN    
s testers, test devices, hydrostatic pressure testers, test tanks, end caps, thermal cycle test equipments, test equipments, mfi testers, melt flow indexers, universal test machines, test machines, drop weight test equipments, pendulum impact testers, carbon black determination testers, vicats, vicat devices, oits, oxidative induction time testers, butt welding machines, welding machines, vicat softenin testers, heat deflection temperature testers, welding machineries, butt welding machineries, internal pressure endurance testers, tester, test device, hydrostatic pressure tester, test tank, end cap, welding machine, test machine, welding machinery, test equipment, universal test machine, butt welding machine, vicat, thermal cycle test equipment, mfi tester, melt flow indexer, drop weight test equipment, pendulum impact tester, carbon black determination tester, vicat device, oit, oxidative induction time tester, vicat softenin tester, heat deflection temperature tester, butt welding machinery, internal pressure endurance tester
MU-TEKS MAKINE LTD. STI.             Şevket SEVİM    
s washer machines, drying machines, industrial washer machines, part drying machines, cylinder pressure testers, pressure testers, testers, testing machines, grinding machines, machine tools, machine apparatus, manual washers, cabin washers, spray washers, tunnel washers, ultrasonic washers, platform agitation washers, parts drying machines, manual pressure testers, hydraulic pressure testers, valve grinding machines, superficies grinding machines, vacuum testers, honing heads, machine equipments, grinding machine, valve grinding machine, drying machine, machine tool, machine equipment, washer machine, tester, testing machine, pressure tester, industrial washer machine, part drying machine, cylinder pressure tester, vacuumtest, manual washer, cabin washer, spray washer, tunnel washer, ultrasonic washer, platform agitation washer, parts drying machine, manual pressure tester, hydraulic pressure tester, superficies grinding machine, vacuum tester, honing head
s testers, testing machines, test devices, testing devices, meteorologic devices, data contorl systems, data monitoring systems, temperature moisture meters, pressure gages, position measurement sensors, process control devices, process recording devices, flowmeters, flow meters, wind speed meters, air measurement devices, material testing devices, force meters, electrical measuring devices, calipers, thickness gauges, light intensity meters, gas measuring devices, scales, bascules, tester, testi, caliper, scale, flow meter, flowmeter, bascule, thickness gauge, testing machine, test device, testing device, meteorologic device, data contorl system, temperature moisture meter, pressure gage, position measurement sensor, process control device, process recording device, wind speed meter, air measurement device, material testing device, force meter, electrical measuring device, light intensity meter, gas measuring device
RADSAN ELEKTROMEKANIK A.S.        Türkiye     Çetinay Alper TEKİN    
s waste management, environmental management, occupational health, work safety, high work training, lightning conductors, lightning counters, earth termination systems, ground measurement, cable lugs, meteorological solutions, grounding conductors, conductors, earth electrodes, connection clamps, grounding bars, earth points, esd earthing, connection box, connection pits, additives, testers, termo weld, connection rods, led obstruction lightning, hanger sets, hanger insulators, insulators, cable blands, warning tapes, masts, grounding, lightning conductor, lightning counter, earth termination, mast, additive, insulator, connection rod, connection clamp, warning tape, conductor, tester, cable lug, earth termination system, meteorological solution, grounding conductor, earth electrode, grounding bar, earth point, esd earthings, connection boxes, connection pit, termo welds, led obstruction lightnings, hanger set, hanger insulator, cable bland